The Role of the school Administration in Developing Students' Environmental Awareness.

  • Abdullah Hamad


The first topic can be considered environmental pollution as a behavioral problem in the first degree. Therefore, attention must be paid to finding a balanced relationship between humans and the environment through the school, which is no longer an indoctrination educational institution, but rather an educational institution that promotes positive behavior.The problem of the study came to identify the role of teacher administrations in the suburbs of the city of Kirkuk in environmental awareness and the danger of environmental pollution and the spread of infectious diseases.On the importance of the study, it lies in the fact that schools have a basic role in the life of societies in developing and preparing the human element, as well as for their educational and social upbringing role in building a conscious generation that possesses knowledge and healthy culture through awareness in the environment.The second topic is the field aspect of the study in identifying the role of school administrations in environmental awareness and identifying obstacles to developing environmental awareness and proposals to overcome them.The study found that there is a weakness in some of the roles of school administrations, and that it is limited to the tool for meetings with parents at a rate (67%), in addition to a number of obstacles, including the absence of a social worker or educational counselor in a sense (100%).

Feb 17, 2021
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