The Effect of a Counseling Program on Modifying Undergraduate Students' Artificial Behavior

  • Khadhim Ahmed
  • Ali Majid


          The  current  study aims al building a measure for secondary school pupils' artificial behavior and suggesting a counseling program to modify artificial behavior. The results of the study can be realized through suggesting a technique for measuring pupils' artificial behavior. Measuring tool includes (32) items and the researcher suggests a counseling program to modify the artificial conduct. Several items are adopted in the study with (12) sessions; each session lasts (45) minutes. The results obtained are verified through consulting a group of experts in the field of educational and psychological sciences . When the tools of the program were ready , the measure was applied on a sample of secondary school pupils' from al sharqat secondary school in sharqat / saladdin. The pupils' were divided into two groups : an experimental group and a control group. Each group includes (30) pupils'. Before applying the program, the two, groups were equalized in different variables and the counseling program was applied on the experimental group only. After the application of the program was completed, the measure of the test was applied on both groups to ensure that it has an impact in modifying secondary school pupils' conduct. The study comes up with several conclusions. First, the measure suggested by the researcher can be used in diagnosing the case of artificial conduct. Secondly, secondary school pupils' conduct can be modified through applying the counseling program on them.  

Feb 17, 2021
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