The Efficiency of Educational Services in Al-Baghdadi

  • Maan Shareef


The educational  serves  are regarded as one of the most important services  concerning with people . Due they make residents able to do their jobs efficiently . people are the main in process of production It is also one of the most important foundations in the discovery of students' intellectual and intellectual energies . The process of distributing indicators of educational services, especially educational institutions and their buildings, represents a problem for students and students to enroll in them, in addition to influencing the efficiency of these services. The research in the first part dealt with the reality of the spatial distribution of educational services in the city of Al-Baghdadi, while the second part dealt with the disclosure of the efficiency of educational services in the city, then the study concluded a set of conclusions and recommendations This research is aiming to find out the reality of educational services and their efficiency when they are compared with the local  Iraqi craters. Also it aims to discover the simplicity of dealing with this field and to know if people are satisfied with it or not .It appears to us some mistakes in the locative distribution and circulation of some schools and the absence of safety in reaching to these educational building when we were keeping asking about the situations of the mentioned schools  in addition in employees presented  by teachers and other workers .

Feb 16, 2021
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