Collocations in the Prophetic Hadith with Reference to Their Realizations in English

  • Ahmed Salih
  • Muhammed Haji


     Words are basic part of every language, without these words people could not keep in touch. In every language vocabulary include single word and multi-word expressions. The term collocation is among those multi-word expressions which refers to the accompanying words or words which usually occur together. This paper deals with the term of collocation in English and Arabic in general and its use in the Prophetic Hadiths in particular.The aim of this study is to introduce a theoretical background of the concept of collocation its classifications, and how it is restricted in English and Arabic languages. It also sheds light on the linguistic, cultural, and religious aspects of collocation and its relation to translation. The present study also aims at making a semantic and structural analysis of collocations in the Prophetic Hadith. Two English translations of the meaning the book hadith ( Saheeh Al Bukhari) are used in addition to the analysis of their translations of collocations. These translations are: of Muhammad Muhsin Khan (1997) and Ahmed Zidan (2014). The study is conducted on the basis of three hypotheses: 

  1. Translators of the Prophetic Hadith have faced difficulties in rendering collocations.

  2. Translators do not recognize collocations in certain cases, and thus translate them as ordinary sequences of words.

  3. Though English and Arabic have different linguistic systems, translators of the Prophetic Hadith succeed in keeping the form and the content of some collocations.

             The basic findings that the researcher has arrived at are: Collocations are different semantically and structurally among languages. Secondly, there are mistranslations due to the translator's inability to transfer the figurative sense which in turn is implied in the Arabic collocations. Thirdly, linguistic, cultural, and religious differences affect the use of collocations between English and Arabic languages. 

Feb 17, 2021
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