Al-Suhrawardi was killed and he funder doctrine of radia

  • Asma Gany


This study deals with of subject The (Al-Suhrawardi was killed, and he funder doctrine of radiance, Sheikh Suhrawardi is one of the most prominent elders of Sufism Controversial, In his orientalist philosophy, which did not have a wide spread in the Islamic intellectual environment at that time, Al-Suhrawardi's biography sheds light on his intellectual endeavors and the development of his works in various stages of his life, He showed excitements in the achievement of his knowledge from a young age, with the testimony of most of his contemporaries, He wandered a lot in the eastern cities, with the Mashaya Philosophy, Especially Isfahan, which greatly affected his intellectual formation, which helped him establish his luminous doctrine, It is a mixture of modern Platonism and Islamic principles, This made his writings think twice about Sufi and philosophical culture, because of his philosophical ideas he found his fate in the Levant after the jurists and legislators fought him, Despite the mystery of his fate due to the multiple accounts that spoke of his killed, Nevertheless, Al-Suhrawardi remained a celebrity in speech and debate sciences until he impressed the ruler of Aleppo, King Al-Zahir bin Salah Al-Din Al-Ayyubi, He was considered one of the Islamic thought scholars .

Feb 16, 2021
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