Political References in the Novels of Saad Muhammad Rahim

  • Faten Jawad
  • Huda Ibrahim


   The research sheds light on the personalities with political references that lived in the Iraqi political and global eras ,  and had a clear impact on Iraq’s policy internally and externally .

  That the writer invests social life in all its forms to create models for us in which a life of pain and setbacks arises, and the crises that touched the Iraqi  self in its struggles with the other ,  and that the literary experience has emerged from the womb of life , and its various components to express human achievements and this expression in turn depends on the realistic elements of life, and therefore the novelist stems from references that are characterized by a cultural, historical, political or other context ,  and writing , as an embodiment of the author's vision .

In spite of the fictional text, it directs us with the intention to read, and to reveal the implicit patterns and events that are not muted, and writing is an inflammatory act to investigate the contents of the text and its symbolic connotations between events, characters, history, and the novel with all its references subject to the interaction between these elements and that the writer relies on the imagination in drawing the realist .

Feb 16, 2021
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